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Every month up to 2% of your contact database goes stale as people move, get new jobs, marry, divorce, or die. Melissa Data helps you maintain a clean, consistent, and complete database with global data quality solutions that work in batch and real time.


Profile & Measure

Gathering Data about your Data (MetaData)

Profiling is the first step in the Gartner defined steps in data quality. It lets you gain a better understanding of your data, what the problems are, and gather important statistical information (such as number of blanks, distinct values and the max length) for generating reports and analytics used for business intelligence.

Melissa Data’s Profiler discovers existing weaknesses in your database.


Profiling Over Time

As we continue to get new data, new data quality problems arise. Data changes all the time, and so do the rules that govern them. This is why the maintenance and governance of data is essential to the success of data quality implementations. In order to have the best and most accurate information in our data warehouse, continuous data quality is a must.

Data Quality is not just a one-time execution. It is a continuous process, to make sure that your data is clean and stays clean.

See how Profiler continuously analyzes warehoused data to enforce data quality.

Parse & Standardize

Organizing and Normalizing your Data

Bringing the concept of data scrubbing to the next level involves the processes of parsing data into more proper and manageable fields, as well as implementing normalization rules to standardize casing and formatting throughout the entire database. In this case, we can see how the address and name are divided into its individual components, while being formatted and cased nicely.

Learn about Melissa Data’s unique solution to identify, extract and organize improperly fielded and/or free form data.


Validating and Correcting your Data

Implementing validation routines and cleansing the data is the next step in the data quality process. Whether it’s the removal of special characters, correcting bad addresses and other contact information, or implementing specific business rules for validation, the cleansing step makes sure that your data are both scrubbed and validated in accordance to your specified standards.

Search a collection of data cleaning solutions to clean contact data, verify identity and improve mail & shipping.


Appending Additional and Useful Information

Enrichment is the process by which additional data can be appended to the data we already have. Having good clean data is one thing, having complete, comprehensive, and enriched data brings it to yet another level in the data quality process. Here are a few of the enrichment information you can get: • Address Latitude, Longitude and Census Information • Address Plus4 and Delivery Point • Missing Name, Phone Number and Email Address • Demographics

Discover Melissa Data’s solutions to enrich your data to drive greater value.

Match & Dedupe

De-Duplication and Survivorship

A very common, yet extremely problematic dilemma in data are duplicate records. Associating matching records (record linkage) and getting rid of duplicates play a huge role in the entire data quality process. This can be achieved through the association of similar records, which the Melissa Components handle nicely through fuzzy matching. Once duplicates are found, they should be consolidated into a single Golden Record, selecting the best piece of information for each column – which can also be achieved through the Melissa Components.

Learn how Melissa Data’s MatchUp’s deduplication solution can improve database integrity by identifying duplicate records and helping create a single customer view.





Express Entry - Fast, Accurate Global Address Autocompletion

Listware - Self-Service Online Data Quality

Check, Verify, Correct, the Names, Addresses, Phones & Emails in your list. Append demographics and geographic info. Process U.S. & Canada change of address. Verify addresses from 240 countries.

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