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Industry Global Data Quality Solutions

Melissa Data is a leading provider of data quality solutions for a variety of global industries, including ecommerce, healthcare, banking, CRM Call Centers, media companies & publishers, hospitality & travel, telecommunications and more. Our solutions; from point-of-entry verification to deduplication and geocoding help organizations cleanse and enrich their contact data to compete in today's data-driven market where every contact counts.

Banks and Credit Unions

We give financial institutions the tools to gain a complete and accurate view of their customers' contact data. Clean contact data helps banks devise accurate business and marketing strategies and this results in satisfied customers and increased banking profits.

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CRM & Call Centers

Melissa Data helps companies maintain accurate, up-to-date records by verifying and standardizing data as it flows into their Call Centers, CRMs and Ecommerce apps.

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Hospitality & Travel

The Hospitality and travel industry thrives on knowing and understanding its customers. Melissa Data global data quality solutions help provide clean, accurate guest data for targeted campaigns, better communication and customer loyalty.

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Todays healthcare industry is complex, data-driven and tightly regulated, requiring Melissa Data's next generation contact solutions to prevent degraded contact data from entering the system and impacting data quality.

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Clean data provides the insurance industry with the certainty that its underwriting, marketing campaigns, and mandatory reporting is based on updated, accurate data..

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Media Companies & Publishers

Improved communication with customers, prospects and subscribers is achieved with Melissa Data advanced data quality solutions. With increased global competition, the importance of a clean, up-to-date database free from duplicate records is a priority which will improve analytics and customer retention.

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The tools needed to stay competitive and viable in global telecommunications requires data quality solutions to hone in on customers' needs, build better relationships and provide top-notch service. Melissa Data can help cleanse, validate, standardize, dedupe records and more. for better customer satisfaction.

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Our data quality solutions assist ecommerce sites by validating and standardizing address data in real time to ensure only good contact data enters your system and packages are shipped to the correct address.

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Le nostre soluzioni per gli indirizzi leader del settore permettono di migliorare la validità dei vostri dati degli indirizzi, permettendovi di geolocalizzarli accuratamente per una migliore interpretazione e visualizzazione dei dati geografici. .

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