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Quality Data in Today's Healthcare Industry

They best way to stay focused on patient care is to know your contact data is accurate and up-to-date. Today’s healthcare industry is complex, data-driven and tightly regulated—you need next generation contact solutions to make sure your staff focuses on healthcare without the distraction of degraded data.

It’s essential to verify and clean data at the point-of-entry. Address verification is the way to stop data degradation before it begins.


  • Meet compliance regulations – Clean data allows you to accurately judge how compliant your data is
  • Improve bill collection – Point-of-entry data verification allows you to bill customers at their most current address
  • Communicate effectively with patients – Standardize your addresses and add email and phone data to your records to reach more patients

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Global Address Verification
Global Address Verification

Returns standardized, corrected, and appended data for addresses anywhere in the world.


Achieve a single view of customers by merging duplicate records and eliminating extraneous ones so you have confidence in your data.