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Support Your Customer Intelligence Efforts

One of the keys to staying competitive in the telecommunications business is delivering highly personalized, relevant promotions and subscriber information to your contact list. Yet when your database contains outdated, incomplete, and duplicate contact data, your ability to communicate effectively is severely restricted. Data quality solutions help improve customer satisfaction at every touch point and across various departments including billing, marketing, and customer support.

Telcos must also operate in a environment of shifting government regulations and industry standards, which require transparent and accurate database management. Data quality solutions from Melissa Data make it easy to gain an accurate, 360-degree view of each customer record, helping you better relate to your customers, understand their needs, and deliver first-class service.


  • Save money - Stop sending out duplicate direct marketing pieces
  • Comply with regulations - Validated, standardized data is easier to organize and manage
  • Enterprise contact data management - End-to-end data quality solution that cleanses addresses, dedupes records, presorts mail, & updates address info on customers who have relocated
  • Customer data integration - Merge/purge records from various divisions and integrate customer processes
  • Map your customer base - Deliver best-fit bundles of services & determine tax jurisdictions for a given addres

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Global Address Verification
Global Address Verification

Returns standardized, corrected, and appended data for addresses anywhere in the world.


Achieve a single view of customers by merging duplicate records and eliminating extraneous ones so you have confidence in your data.

International Rooftop Geocoding
International Rooftop Geocoding

Make better decisions about market segmentation, sales clustering, and logistics.