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Leverage the power and flexibility of Melissa Data solutions with a choice of on-premises APIs, Cloud services and desktop software.

Cloud Services

Express Entry
Express Entry

Reduce Keystrokes by 50% with Real Time Address Capture

Global Address Verification
Global Address Verification

Clean & Complete Global Addresses for 240+ Countries for Best Deliverability and Customer Satisfaction.

Global Email Cloud Service
Global Email

Parse, validate, and standardize email addresses as they are entered.

Global Geocoding

Melissa Data's Global Geocoding Cloud Service returns a latitude and longitude coordinate for addresses in the U.S. and over 40 other countries.

Global Name
Global Name

Parse and genderize full names and standardize company names.

Global Phone
Global Phone

Verify phone numbers and append geographic information.

IP Locator Cloud Service
IP Locator

Our IP solutions help you identify a visitor’s geographic location non-intrusively.

Reverse Geocoder
Reverse GeoCoder

Get the nearest valid U.S addresses to a latitude and longitude coordinate. Reverse GeoCoder converts a geographic coordinate to a valid street address.