Global Email Verification Cloud Service

Verify Emails & Improve Deliverability

Ensure the validity of email addresses in your database with Global Email Cloud Service. It instantly validates email addresses, corrects common typographical errors, and standardizes email addresses as they are entered – eliminating the need for a "confirm email" field which can decrease Web form conversion rates.

The service includes real-time Email Mailbox Verification removes up to 95% of bad emails, helping to improve deliverability, increase conversions, and prevent bounce-backs and black listing.


  • IncreaseWeb form completion and conversion rates
  • Improve reliability of contact information
  • Reduce fraud
  • Avoid blacklists & spam folders


  • New Real-time Email Mailbox Verification eliminates up to 95% of bad emails
  • Correct general formatting and syntax errors (for instance, change “!” to “@”)
  • Update domain name changes
  • Validate and correct top level domain names (TLD)
  • Verify domain name against a database of known good and bad addresses
  • Verify the domain exists through MaileXchange (MX) Lookup
  • Parse and standardize email addresses
  • Validate email addresses in real-time or batch
  • Supports multiple protocols including JSON, SOAP, XML, and REST

Email Cloud Service - Verify and Correct Email Addresses

FCC Mobile Domain Detection

To assist in maintaining CAN-SPAM compliance, Global Email Cloud Service has been enhanced with a list of mobile domain names to indicate when a submitted email address is a mobile email address which marketers are prohibited from sending unwanted commercial email messages to without prior permission. The data is updated by wireless service providers and included with all Email Cloud Service updates.

Customize Global Email Cloud Service to Meet Your Needs

Global Email Cloud Service is a flexible developer’s tool that allows for easy customization, including the ability to add domain names, specify misspelling fixes, standardize casing of email addresses, and specify invalid domain names for suppression.

Instantly validates email addresses with Global Email Cloud Service Upload a sample of your data for a free analysis