Save Money When You Capture Accurate Data at the Point-of-Entry

Quickly verifying contact data as it flows into your database saves your organization money. The one tried-and-true method for maintaining accurate, up-to-date records at a minimal cost is to correct data as it enters into your company's Call Center, CRMs or E-commerce apps.

The longer poor contact data remains in your system, the more expensive it is to correct it. It costs firms about $1 to verify the accuracy of a record at the point-of-entry, but $10 to clean it in batch form and $100 per record if nothing is done for an extended time. Bad data results in undeliverable shipments, low customer retention, and inefficient CRM initiatives.


  • Streamline operations - Verify data at the point-of-entry to streamline call center operations & shorten call times

  • Improve customer satisfaction - Verify contact data to maintain communication with valued customers

  • Update incorrect/outdated data - Identify data typos and add missing address elements

  • Integrate customer data - Merge/purge records from various divisions and integrate customer processes

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International Phone Verification
Verify global phone numbers in 200+ countries, update area code & prefix combinations, and identify language spoken & the type of phone number.
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Global Address Verification
Global Address Verification
Returns standardized, corrected, and appended data for addresses anywhere in the world.
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Achieve a single view of customers by merging duplicate records and eliminating extraneous ones so you have confidence in your data.
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